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"Rape" Ink on magazine print ©2006

R.A.Q “Mars Sequence” Glitch Remix


Cross #1
Mixed Media: Cigarettes on wood / Acrylic
©2014 Cross #1
Mixed Media: Cigarettes on wood / Acrylic
©2014 Cross #1
Mixed Media: Cigarettes on wood / Acrylic
©2014 Cross #1
Mixed Media: Cigarettes on wood / Acrylic

Cross #1

Mixed Media: Cigarettes on wood / Acrylic


The Fantastical Illusion of the Moment

Space Signals   2:15sec

We are all Dead or soon will be  2:08sec

S E X + P O W E R + P E A C E + W A R  4:08sec

Death by a 1000 Frames  5:25sec

The Worth of Humanity

Divine Nature of Mother and Her Sins Within  2:03sec

Untitled One  1:20sec

Untitled Two  1:16sec

Cycle of Man

The Struggle of Man  1:20sec

Deconstruction of Man  :53sec

Lost Meanings

The Infinite Static  1:25sec

The Pigs Orchestrated Their Way Out of the Farm  1:57sec

Music Videos

"The Answer"  THE R.A.T  3:19sec

"Prometheus Unbound" The R.A.D  4:02sec

"So What"The R.A.D   1:52sec

"Everything Is A Lie" THE R.A.T  5:18sec

Smokin Weed” The R.A.D  3:12sec


RE-EDITION #1 Naptime by Cory Arcangel  1:24sec


The New Void  9:58sec

A Beautiful Struggle  14:59sec

Gone Filter  11:02sec

Media Burn

The Rapist  1:42sec

Candy (in Color and in B/W) x2  2:59sec

All Channels-Black  4:44sec

All Channels-White  4:42sec

Panasonic RX-C38 “Heart of Glass” / Slow Fade  7:46sec

Objective Remains

The Fire  1:58sec

The Visitor  1:00sec

Love’s A Bitch

Personal Spaces  4:14sec

rApe gIrls anD Sex  1:33sec

My Love  1:48sec

Alone  1:32sec

She Lives in my Apartment  1:17sec




Lady Gaga practicing the methods of Marina Abramovic.

Sayat Nova. Sergéi Paradzhánov, 1968 from First & Last Name on Vimeo.

Sayat Nova. Sergéi Paradzhánov, 1968


For the past 2 and a half years, depression and its effects has been a large part of my life.  When our second daughter was born, my wife went into severe depression for 6 months.  She slept 18 hour days, she stopped lactating after 1 month and didn’t have her period for five.  She stopped communicating, threatened me with suicide, was unable to function, didn’t shower and didn’t want to meet anybody for that period of time.  My whole life changed.  We moved to Korea, a big part because of her depression, and our children were heavily affected by their mother’s lost of will to live.  A lot of people dismiss depression as “feeling blue” and going through a “down phase.”  I did as well initially.  I felt that my wife was weak, that for some reason, she wanted to ignore her responsibilities as a mother as times got a little hard.  Little did I know, it wasn’t just our financial situation or her being away in a foreign country. Yes, it was the catalyst, but to fully understand her depression, her entire 34 years of existence had to unfold and a lot of the issues she ran away from had to be mended.

This was no small task, and to this day, she deals with issues that I wouldn’t be able to understand. What I finally do understand is that depression is a disease.  Its a disease that effects 350 million people a year world-wide.

Its not feeling blue or wanting to sleep in that day, its not something that can be cured through exercise and drinking pomegranate juice.  Its being non- functional and ultimately, you behave in a way that you normally wouldn’t which can lead to suicide.

Since opening my eyes to depression, I’ve encountered way too many people who exhibit some sort of depressive tendencies.  I’m sure most people go through a minor form of depression and can live their lives feeling a little down, but when it becomes so suppressive that you are no longer able to function, or that you see no satisfying resolution and conclude that suicide is the only escape, it becomes more of an epidemic in a society where a million people take their lives each year.

In an attempt to raise awareness of the need for dialogue in terms of depression, I did the only thing I am capable of doing and that is to create a film.  Everyone involved in this film has been effected by depression in some way and in order to properly bring discussion on a topic that seems every bit relevant as bullying in school or the current economic condition; I have created my interpretation of a disease that effects so many lives.  Even if you hate the film, please remember the urgency that this issue demands.

Many in our society shy away from acknowledging depression as a major disease and live with it until finally, they do something that can never be undone.  They are embarrassed to seek professional help and most importantly, they are rarely ready to emotionally deal with friends and family members dealing with depression, a readiness that can help save so many lives.

Thank you in advance for watching this film and help spread the discussion on depression.

Bo Lee

Director-“The New Void”




Cinematron: Gerard Courant

Running at 181 hours, Cinematron is a collection of over 2,729 silent

vignettes of famous friends, artists and ordinary people.


Didn’t realize Harmony Korine was behind the Spring Breakers film starring all those disney babes.  He’s aged quite a bit.  

David Lynch: IDEM PARIS

What do I like more than David Lynch?  David Lynch made film on a printing company in Paris.  Analog Printing is Awesome!